Vasiliki Vlassi

Athens Greece

Vasiliki from a young age had a passion for arts and music.
As a result she studied piano and music in several conservatories but classical singing won her over.
She studied classical vocals as a soprano in Orfeio Conservatorium, with Thanos Petrakis, one of the most prestigious music schools in Athens and she currently continues her musical adventures at Praxis Musical Conservatory, along with theatre studies.
Vasiliki also got her Bachelor's degree in Theology from National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.
She is also a multilingual personality, as she speaks four languages Greek, English, Japanese and Hindi.
As an artist she has taken part in numerous music concerts (soprano) and has lent her voice in Tv music themes. She has appeared as an actress in short films and will do her debut in the theater stage June 2013, with the play 'Denise Calls Up'.

  • Education
    • Praxis Musical Conservatory - Classical Vocal Studies & Theatre
    • Orfeio Conservatorium - Classical Vocal Studies
    • National & Kapodistrian University of Athens - Theology
    • Tositseio - Arsakeio