Visiting Ancillary Services

Comprehensive Dental and Auditory Care in Denver, Colorado

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Dedicated to bringing high-quality dental and hearing care to families and elders, Visiting Ancillary Services works both in clinical and skilled nursing facility settings. The organization has invested in advanced technology to ensure that patients receive care that is both comfortable and effective. Visiting Ancillary Services brings this patient-focused treatment to its family clinic as well as into 70 of the 100 skilled nursing facilities in Colorado's front range.

Through its in-facility dental care program, Visiting Ancillary Services provides all standard preventive treatments as well as extractions, restorations, and prosthetics. Recurring hygiene care is available for patients with the approval of insurance, with the staff receiving in-service training geared toward helping them maintain residents' oral health. The organization also goes a step further to offer free denture cleaning and deep-cleaning of prosthetics, as well as clear labeling of dentures for resident and caregiver convenience.

Similarly, as a provider of audiology care, the organization recognizes the challenges inherent in treating the hearing of patients with memory and cognitive impairments. All test equipment is of hospital grade and EEG based providing objective results not dependent on patient responses. Furthermore, in an effort to support the overall well-being of patients, the organization is partnering with the Colorado Health Care Association to link hearing aids with MP3 players as part of a music therapy initiative.