Vasiliki (Vass) Bednar

Vasiliki Bednar is a graduate of McMaster's Arts & Science Program (2008) and holds her Master of Public Policy (MPP) from the University of Toronto's School of Public Policy & Governance (2010) where she now works as the Manager of Engagement and Executive Assistant to the Director. Prior to this, Vass spent two years as a Research Associate at the Martin Prosperity Institute, the world's leading think tank on the role of sub-national factors in global economic prosperity. Her research explored ways to upgrade low-paying, routine-oriented service jobs by improving monetary and non-monetary compensation, autonomy training, and opportunity for advancement.Vass cut her policy teeth as a Research Fellow at the Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB), a Policy Intern the City of Toronto, and a pro-bono policy consultant at Samara. She contributed research to the Mowat Centre's Employment Insurance Task Force, and to the book Academic Transformation: the Forces Reshaping Higher Education in Ontario.

Vass is currently the Vice Chair of the Meal Exchange Board of Directors and proud Chair of the U.F.C. "Ultimate Fiction Club," a book club for women in Toronto. She is currently designing a board game that simulates policy-making in the federation (called "WONX") and blogs affectionately while enjoying an Action Canada Fellowship - a distinction that recognizes the nation's emerging leaders.