Our commercial identity and company name "Vatgas" is derived from the Swedish noun's Väte and Vätgas representing hydrogen / hydrogen energy - water to gas or power to gas, and gas to power respectively: Vatgas looks to address key sustainable infrastructure development, clean fuel delivery and energy security issues:

Infrastructure and Projects: The company offers energy security, mobility, mico-grid, off grid and sustainable infrastructure development advisory services - through-life design and build engineering solutions with high performance productivity systems, integrated renewables and sustainable design

Vatgas NU : A New Energy Solutions and Sustainable Impact Brand - The word "NU" is recognized through-out parts of Europe (especially in Denmark, Sweden the Netherlands and Belgium) as the word for "Now", this can be directly translated in either in Danish, Swedish or Dutch - also through direct association and for impact branding - The word "NU" has a far wider global outreach and market application as in a both "New" and "Renewable" connotation and meaning...

Vatgas : New Energy Fuels & Power
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