Vaughn Hillyard

Washington, D.C.

From Sedona to New York City, there are places for thought.

Thoughts don't have to be defined.

Thoughts don't have to look a certain way.

Thoughts don't need to have a rhythm.

Thoughts are soaked in like the air we breathe.

I am living a life in which my thoughts set my path.

As a journalist.

As a student.

As a son. A brother. A cousin. A grandson.

As an American.

As a human.

I am graduating this May from Arizona State's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and currently spending this semester in Washington, D.C.

To me, there is no where better to be than the nature of Arizona's deserts, mountains, streams, red rocks and forests.

But my thoughts have taken me to the East Coast. thoughts continue to wander...who knows where. But I trust them. And that's an adventure of thought.

  • Education
    • Arizona State University