Vauxhall Motors UK Vauxhall started making cars in 1903 with a vision and philosophy that has remained with the company through over 100 years of change. Along the way, Vauxhall has grown to become one of the UK’s biggest, most respected motoring brands. Vauxhall is Forward Thinking Forward Thinking has always defined Vauxhall as a company and it remains our energy and driving force today. “Forward Thinking” means always looking to the future for a better way. Making environmentally friendly new cars that are fun to drive. It means never ceasing in our search for excellence. It means focusing not on our competitors, but on our customers. And it is central to our belief that our best is always yet to come. is the official showroom for our innovative car and van lines. See for yourself how passionate we are about cars. Want to see our cars in action? Visit our Vauxhall YouTube channel and check out our new cars, adverts and events. Maybe you want to keep up to date with progress on the new Vauxhall Ampera, or the new Corsa? Well, why not follow Vauxhall on Facebook or Twitter.