Seattle, WA

Years ago my husband and I found one of our passions together was collecting. We spend every Friday together going on the hunt for something special. Our evenings together are filled with conversation about what we could do with this or that piece. Our style is unique and eclectic, as it’s a mix of his and hers. His taste of old world, nautical, and industrial are antique driven. Mine being more of a mix of retro, vintage, modern, and glam turns our mix into quite the affair. There is no standard way things are supposed to look or be in our book. As long as you love each and every piece you have collected, then you can mix and match it any way you want to make your own style. The more different you can be, the more of an expression of yourself you will end with...and that’s a beautiful thing.

VauxRondavu is a collection of RECOVERED, RESTORED, & REPURPOSED items. All of the items are hand selected by Mel and her husband.