Brittany Sherman

Hello there!

My name is Brittany Sherman. I'm a 26 year old housewife, mom of two, collector of vintage hats, dainty gloves and all things to do with 1940's and 50's fashion. I live with my kids, husband and crazy kitty, Gypsy in St. Charles, Missouri.

I am completely obsessed with fashion history and spend my days wearing and re-creating garments from the past. When I'm not chasing my wild kids, Rhys (1) and Olivia (3) around, I'm sewing, knitting, crocheting and blogging! My husband, Pj is my blog photographer and biggest supporter. He also keeps the kids wrangled while I do my blog tutorials.

I started my blog when Olivia was just 3 months old, after a year of being a housewife and spending my life in tee shirts. I knew that if I continued, I'd be in mom jeans forever. Being a curvy girl in a vintage world isn't easy...especially when you always have baby drool and cheerios all over you but through my blogging, I hope to show other gals that they can be glamorous every day.

I love to make new friends so drop by and say hello!

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