Victor Belfor

San Francisco, Silicon Valley

I grew up in Siberia. Moved to Kiev, Ukraine and studied engineering and physics (and much later at Wharton).

In the 90s, I co-founded Realtor3D - one of the first providers of virtual tours for the Real Estate industry. The company grew to 60 employees and had deals with Hearst, Cox and AOL but didn't survive the bubble of 2001.

Afterwards, I joined Emuzed to lead business development and helped grow the company from 0 to acquisition by Flextronics in 2004.

In 2004, I joined Coding Technologies to lead strategic alliances in US, Japan, Korea, India and Israel. The company was acquired by Dolby in 2007 for $280M.

In 2009, after a 2 year sabbatical that took me back to Ukraine, I joined RingCentral (backed by Sequoia, Khosla) where I lead strategic partnerships. During my tenure, the company grew from under a 100 employees to over 1000, and launched successful partnerships with some of the most recognized names in telecom and ecommerce.

In my most recent role, I lead mobile business development and distribution strategy at Centrify. Funded by Accel and Mayfield, we are the leader in Unified Identity Services serving 4600 enterprises and organizations including half of world's Fortune 50 and over 60 US Federal agencies (many with familiar 3-letter acronyms).

I'm a passionate explorer. Over the years, I ate, drank, and scuba'd my way through over 90 countries. My other passions include strategy games, music, martial arts, scuba diving, environment / outdoors and my friends and family.

I'm also very interested in technological and social trends - society we were, society we are and society we are becoming.

In 2011, I started investing and advising startups who are trying to bring sustained positive change into the world. I advise on product development, design, partnership and channel strategy, GTM, monetization, team composition, culture etc but more often than not, I simply serve as the sounding board to the founders - and love it!.

I'm an investor in MixRank and Influitive; and advisor to RollApp, Heirloom Computing and a mentor at 500 Startups (

  • Work
    • Centrify Corporation
  • Education
    • Wharton