Valerie Bernard

Consultant, Public Speaker, and Volunteer in Aubrey, Texas

After being told her high school ACT scores were not good enough to attend college, Valerie worked her way up the corporate sales ladder. In 1997 with a leap a faith, Valerie left Corporate and headed to Marshall University. As it turns out, Valerie completed three degrees by December 2000. After working for the two largest soft skill and technical training companies in the world, Valerie took another leap of faith and stepped into the Entrepreneurial arena and launched Executive Training Centers in 2002. As she continued to seek personal development opportunities for her own personal growth, Valerie became certified to administer many different types of assessments and began offering these tools to help individuals and organizations discover their own strengths and opportunities for growth. Diving even deeper into psychometric assessments as a way to help individuals and organizations, Valerie began the journey to completing her Ph.D. Her research is focused on individual cognitive, behavior, and motivational characteristics and performance. While Valerie is internationally recognized as a speaker, author, entrepreneur, and performance improvement consultant, she will tell you she is a teacher. Her mission to "be a light for future generations" is evident in her love for helping others tap into their untapped potential. Valerie believes authentic transformation starts with the individual. In Valerie's own life as a single mom, she realized the power of team and teaches others how "Embracing the Power of Team" will be instrumental in their own personal transformation and growth.

Valerie is dedicated to reaching as many people as possible with her principles and strategies for helping to create authentic personal and career transformation. She is intensely focused on developing individuals, inspiring teams, and transforming organizations. Her own dedication, persistence, and resilience makes her a highly sought after speaker and trainer for your event. Attend one of our business and live life events that include world-class content as well as the opportunity to network with thought leaders, business leaders, and entrepreneurs from around the world.

  • Work
    • Executive Training Centers
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    • Capella University
    • Marshall University