Verna Lee Bowen

Empowerment Life Coach & Author in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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"Learning is finding out what you already know; Doing is demonstrating that you know it; Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you do." - Richard Bach

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I am an Empowerment Life Coach and inspirational author. My specialty is taking my clients beyond self-doubt to a a heart-based, self-propelled life of purpose and empowerment.

My program, The Power of Self-Love in Relationships is a six-module weekly workshop that covers areas such as effective communication, healthy boundaries, sexuality & intimacy, and more.

The obstacles that hold us captive in life and relationships are mostly learned patterns of habitual thinking. They can be conquered and transformed.

My life has taught me how this really works. Through a victorious fight for self-worth, and a relentless curiosity into what makes relationships really work, I now know the following three things for sure:

- The storm is always within
- There really is a calm
- We are more than capable of rising above seemingly insurmountable obstacles when we learn self-awareness, self-confidence, and deep self-love.

At the core we are a powerful force of creativity, wisdom, and love. We have the answers inside of us. The source from which we came is still the infinite power that operates within us, growing our souls just as it grew our fingernails while we rested in the womb.

Nothing is impossible for us when we seek answers from within; when we choose to see our own magnificence; when we decide to live with highest intention.

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