Vincent A. Brazelton Jr.

Scientist, Agriculturalist, and Designer in Chesterfield, Missouri


By the year 2050 it is estimated that we will need to meet the nutritional needs of more than nine billion people! Coupled with a scarcity of arable land, limited freshwater resources, urban expansion, and overall climate change, meeting the growing demand for quality food, fiber, and energy presents an exciting challenge!

I got my first taste of "agriculture" as a high school intern in the Food Biotechnology lab at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. From the moment I stepped into the lab, I found myself completely infatuated with the idea of using biotechnology to help improve traditional agricultural practices. At 17, I was convinced that I wanted to dedicate my life to providing quality food and fiber to people across the world!

This experience led me to Tuskegee University where I received my Bachelor's in Environmental Science (special emphasis in plant and soil science). During my tenure at Tuskegee, I sought to diversify my experience through various internships focusing on traditional wet-lab techniques as well as best land use practices to improve sustainability and conserve cropland.

After graduation I matriculated to Iowa State University to complete my Master's in Genetics, focusing on computational tools to aid in peanut gene modification to reduce allergenicity. Above all else, I am a passionate agriculturalist with plans to lead the next wave of innovators that will solve the world's most pressing agricultural, environmental, and bioethical issues.

Career Interests:

• Science Policy/Bioethics

• Ag. Business

• Genetics

• Plant/Environmental Science

• Diversity/inclusion in STEM

• Sustainability

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  • Education
    • Tuskegee University
    • Iowa State University