Vbridge consulting


VBridge, is a young, focused company, committed to our client's satisfaction and in offering our clients effective solutions that work!

Young in age but old in experience, VBridge has been set up by a team of dynamic and dedicated professionals from the industry with an aim of bringing intelligent and reliable, customer oriented solutions in the field of I.T. The management team of the company has a time tested combined experience of over 75 years offering multidimensional services and solutions in the I.T field.

The operations are strategically structured into Business Units (BU), each focused on a specific activity and operating as an independent profit center. The BU is structured to provide complementary services enabling VBridge to provide a comprehensive spectrum of related activities providing our customers a One – Stop – Consulting Solution.

  • Work
    • IT training & job consulting
  • Education
    • IT education in Vbridge consulting