Val and Bob West

Photographer in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada

Val and Bob West

Photographer in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada

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"PHOTOGRAPHY" is more than just a passion for Val and Bob West. We have forged a world renowned path in night photography, winning awards, acolades and praise from professional photographers around the globe. Perhaps most intriguing of all is that it is possible to photograph, using long exposures, what is impossible for the human eye to see - cumulative time. Being out at night under a full moon with just the stars to light up a path and letting the camera capture that, is a way to express the way that time passes. The earth turning on it's axis and the universe standing still, gives the illusion of the stars streaking across the sky as shown in many of our night scenes. If you're not outside looking around at night, then you're missing half of what the universe has to show you. We particularly like what happens with long exposures, for example, moving clouds produce unique areas of interesting density in the sky, stars produce white lines, rough water transforms into ice or mist. Since we live pretty fast-paced lives, it is a luxury to be able to slow down and better appreciate some of the more subtle effects of nature that we can so easily miss or take for granted.We hope these photographs cause the viewer to linger while pondering what they are looking at. As a team we have recently expanded our repetoire to include model photography. With portraiture, we strive to create images that are more than just technically well done. We want each piece to impact the viewer emotionally.


Photo News Magazine autumn 2011, chosen as an example of Night Photography in an international magazine.

Better Photography oct 2011 cover page

"Rondeau Forever the adventure continues" 2010 by William Stephen.

Twinline Magazine spring 2009 as the cover photo "Lake Erie connections Night Scene"

Photo Life Magazine 2009 Jan. 1st and 2nd PRIZE in the night photo feature "Showtime" by EpsonSteve Deger

"Nightly Book of Positive Quotations" 2009 featuring 2 pictures of Rondeau

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