Victoria Carlin

Leaving Ian is the first book of the New Leaf series. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

It's available online from most major booksellers. You can also buy it from my publisher, iUniverse.

Before I realized that I'm not a blogger, I wrote an entry about self-publishing. I am an advocate of self-publishing, and a firm believer that being traditionally published is no indication of literary mastery. Don't be swayed by one or the other - or by me - read and decide for yourself!

I am a life-long devotee and defender of the romance genre. I love to read and to write romance. I love to discuss all things literary and I have a lot to say about my stories, the romance genre, writing, and the creative process.

I just recently closed my blog. Email me at if you have any burning questions or questionable comments (my favorite ;-)

Why read Leaving Ian?

An emotionally-charged, gritty love story, Leaving Ian is told through edgy dialogue and pared-down prose.

Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, Ian and Hannah pull you into their world and give you an intimate look at falling in love, falling apart, and fighting back.

Leaving Ian is the first book in the New Leaf series and it is Victoria Carlin's first of many love letters to the romance genre.

Like the perfect goodnight kiss to end an unforgettable first date, Leaving Ian will slam you against a wall, have your heart pounding, make your palms sweaty, and leave you wanting more.