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Phone Power Communication is the best choice for anyone looking to make the switch to VoIP. The service plan grade is 10/10. It has 3 basic VoIP plans to be chosen, all of them are based on duration of service: 1 yr, 2 yr and a month-to-month option. There is no annual contract that you should sign up, but for the best price overall, you can choose yearly plans because of the lower monthly fees.

For all Phone Power Communication subscribers, free in-network calls can be taken as advantage and also for you anyone who always on mobile, a mobile app is available for your smartphone that allows you to make VoIP calls. So you don’t have to worry about to make a long-distance or international calls when you are on the go with cheaper rate than your mobile carrier. The app can be used to place calls through a tablet.

There is toll-free telephone numbers and support of fax lines when you decide to have additional upgrades. They will be pleasure to help. Even for the soft-phone users, they support you to make calls on a computer instead of a conventional phone. Using the softphone is the simplest thing to be made and received the calls since they provide a virtual phone number. There is no additional charge for a second phone line while many of its competitors do. Phone Power provides one stop service at no additional cost.

Power Phone provides you 60 free minutes of international calling each month. There is no unlimited plan per se, however most of VoIP provide an unlimited plan that doesn’t restrict calling minutes. Power Phone offers a high outbound calling threshold of 5,000 minutes and all incoming minutes are unlimited. What a great service.