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I have been spending time with one of my best ELMERS, Don, ve3rm at his home and shack in Hawksbury, Ontario just across the Quebec border. Don is one of the smartest and kindest men I have ever known and is a constant inspiration to me. He is wiser beyond his years...and has been a ham for many years, probably longer than I have been alive.

I love operating from his well equipped and cozy shack with the Yaesu ft-2000 driving an oldie but goodie, Alpha 87A to over a KW! I like seeing the pwr lights turning bright green when I speak or send cw!!! In the other room, is another old Apha 76 hooked up to a ts-590s that I lent him, so he can put it through its paces during a contest or dxìng. Don says the rig works FB.

I love my K3 and THP amp but am looking at a new ft-5000MP for the shack...

He has some terrific antennas like a th5 at close to 90 feet and above it, is a 2 el yagi for 40m at just over 100 feet. There is also a Bencher Skyhawk tribander that really gets out well too. When I call CQ on 20 or 15, I usually get a pileup from EU and sometimes ZL/ZS and VK--and they all say the same thing: "You are the strongest signal on the band."

Don, also has a lovely little Calico cat that keeps him company out there in the rural part of Ontario among the farms and corn fields. No pesky neighbours to deal with and no RFI, TVI or noise either.

Truly a lovely setting and Don is a pleasure and a joy to know. He encouraged me and took the time to teach me electronics and Ron Reid, ve2kw (SK-RIP) taught me cw after Bill Still, W2GJR/VE2 (SK-RIP), another very big influence in my life.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to all my ELMERS who gave me their time willingly and helped me get my ham radio ticket when I was quite young.

73, dx, mni tnx! CU in the pileups!!!

Mike, ve2xb aka ve2xb/w1 (Vermont) v31xb, j79xb, vp2mxb, fp/ve2xb, ve2xb/vy0, ve2xb/2 (zone 2) and soon...9U4U from BUJUMBURA, BURUNDI, EAST AFRICA!!! YEEHA!