Victor Stanescu

Victor Stanescu - author of the blog - Sociable and Nice. I am web developer turned entrepreneur helping clients build their business online!

This is one of my several online profiles, made as a "bread crumb" to lead you back to my main site, actually my blog. Is there where you can find more about Victor Stanescu, about Vectorash the Sociable and Nice one, of course what I do and what I write about.

I will try to tell you few words here as well, it looks like way too little text for such a high ranking page.

So, more about me, as you might have "guessed" my name is Victor Stanescu, I am a web developer by education, and an online marketer by experience. I also write ocasionally for my small blog, the one :)

The profile I made here, similar to several other around are ment basically to enforce my imagine online, and to promote my main blog. Is there where most of my workk will be focusing into picturing a most acurate image.

It's not as easy as you migth think to just ramble on in the quest of adding more words, more characters, more words..

In today's online world it's important to set up a good internet profile, for the one that do not know you, that need to be "directed" on the rigth path! The advantage (for you at least) is that with a little work you can get to influence what will be posted, or least what people might learn first. You may call this something like personal online branding on steroids of course :P Because just setting up a profile is not enough. What if people will not find that profile? You need to make sure than when they search for you name they are pointed in the rigth direction. Like now if you search on google for Victor Stanescu, you find my Facebook profile, a good place to sum up who I am!

This is of course not enough, I will need to work harder and promote the blog page that I set up for my secondary profile! I still have some work to do on that, but it will be happening soon.

Well I guess that's about it,

Enjoy and have fun!