Vector Wealth Management

Financial Planner in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Vector Wealth Management is a comprehensive financial advisor firm, located in Minneapolis, that is focused on meeting our clients’ financial objectives.

Vector Wealth Management was established in 1993 as a nationally Registered Investment Advisory firm. Today we manage over half a billion dollars of client assets, providing personal guidance and a long-term, collaborative approach that reflects our clients' unique needs. We have authored and developed multiple financial software applications, including the proprietary SOJOURN® retirement income program.

We offer fully customized planning and create investment relationships with individuals, corporate retirement plans, foundations, and endowment plans. We utilize individual stocks and bonds, exchange trade funds, institutional no-load mutual funds, structured products, and private equity concepts. Our assets are custodian at multiple custodians.

Address: 43 SE Main St Suite 236, Minneapolis, MN 55414, USA

Phone Number: 612-378-7560

Business Owner: Thomas G. Fee

Email: [email protected]


Hours: Mon - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm