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Images like JPG, JPEG, Bitmap, PNG, PSD etc. are made of pixels and the number of pixels is limited in a file. So, when we try to enlarge, the images get broken and blurry but when we talk about Vector files, for example, EPS, AI, CDR, AIT, SVG, PDF, FXG etc., these are based on mathematical formulas and they have no fixed resolution. So, the Vector files can be scaled up to any sizes without losing the quality of the images. You can convert any types of image to vector, whether it's a low-resolution image or an extremely low-quality one. It doesn't matter whether it's JPG, Bitmap, PNG or any other format, any pixel-based images can be converted to Vector. If you are looking for a lifetime partner for your raster to vector conversion requirements, do not hesitate to contact us. We will make sure you continue having the most appealing vector files for your business and for your clients.

VectorzMedia, is a professional vector conversion service provider based in New Delhi, India. Our top-notch vector conversion service has brought us thousands of pleased customers from across the world as we helped them to save their precious time and money on their daily labor-intensive raster to vector conversion work. Our professional graphic designers can convert any drawings, photos, scanned images, badges, sketches, logos or screenshots into a vector file. VectorzMedia is able to convert any raster graphics into vector files, for example, JPG to vector, JPEG to vector, PNG to vector, Bitmap to vector, JPG to EPS, JPEG to EPS, PNG to EPS, BMP to EPS and much more. Our highly skilled & experienced graphic designers manually convert raster images to vector and offer unique quality in every project in quick turnaround time. All files are vectorized manually by hand tracing, redrawing, and recreating every tiny detail. We never use automated software applications. The files, we edit ensure smooth visibility of lines and shapes and provide a professional look.

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