Vedaant Garg

Student in Troy, Michigan

Hi, my name is Vedaant, and I am a senior currently at Troy High School. I am very interested in startup businesses, tennis, and most importantly innovation.

i have always been interested in how the world will progress. And after years of reading books and articles, I've realized it will come from the ingenuity of new businesses. All great things we enjoy today started out this way, and I want to be a part of this. At Troy High, I am Vice President of Entrepreneurship Club and participate in business plan competitions year round. This not only allows me to think of new ideas to change the world, but to make a practical plan to make my dreams become a reality.

My main hobby in life has always been tennis. Whether its playing tennis, or watching tennis, or talking about tennis, there's a lot to know about tennis. I started playing six years ago when I fell in love with my tennis idol Roger Federer. I've played ever since, and am currently captain of the Varsity Team.

Similar to my interest in startups, I am also interested in learning about the founders of innovative companies. In my free time I enjoy reading books about people who I feel have already accomplished what I myself want to accomplish in life; leaving the world different from when you entered it. From Elon Musk to Jeff Bezos, I try to learn what made them so successful, and how their contributions will affect our future.