Ved Aham

Writer, Software Engineer, and Life Coach in Kerala, India

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Hi, I’m Ved. I live in Kerala, India. I have done engineering in computers and work in the technology field.

From very early on in my life I have been very much interested in life, its meaning and purpose. And in my years of quest, I have traveled much and met some incredible people. I was fortunate to get remarkable teachers who guided me, towards the path of liberation. It was a journey of fulfillment which transformed me to the core. When I look at people around me, some of them are depressed, stressed out and confused while some others are gifted with blissful arrogance. I could draw a parallel from them to my earlier self. There is so much unnecessary suffering. There is a way out of it.

I want to contribute back what I have learned, experienced & realized. Now, I am in the due process of writing a book on life. A fiction and a nonfiction. It will be out soon.

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