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He was born in 1987 in Istanbul.

His first mime show was with Ofer Blum who is the student of Marcel Marceau on Istanbul Şehir Tiyatroları (Istanbul City Theatres).
In addition his street demonstration on Denizli, Batman, Ankara, Istanbul, Balıkesir(Erdek, Bandırma, Burhaniye), Bursa etc. , he also had a project to enactment on museums, libraries, nursing homes, Societies for the protection of children, rehabilitation centers.. etc. , in order to providehimself on public sphere.

In order to introduce what pantomim is, he enactment on 4. Ankara University Ziftt, 36.İnternational METU Theatre Festival, 26.Denizli İnternational Amateur Theatre Festival, İnternational Gapgenç Festivali, Taylıeli Village Culture Art and Theatre Festival,İnternational Istanbul Mime Festival etc.

He also shared same stage with Dejan Fajfer (Croatia),Bridge Markland (Germany),Ofer Blum (Israel),Kauji Taira (Japan), Hiromi Hosokawa (Japan),Kuniko Abe (Japan),Niina Sillanpää (Finland). He enactment on Turkish Night with Bridge Markland (German theatre, cabaret and performance artist) on 6.Le Petit International Culture,Art and Theatre Festival on Dubrovnik (a touristic city in Croatia).

He has taken a part on a short film named "Yes" which claims hearing-impaired on a competition named "Golden Of Public", on "46.Golden Orange Film Festival" in Antalya.

He also invited Ofer Blum who is the student of Marcel Marceau and Ella Jaroszewicz to Turkey in order to advise 120 students about pantomim and to enactment on Istanbul City Theatres.

In addition, he organized Rcihmand Shepard's, Albert Kessler's and Hiromi Hosokawa's workshops for free to make them share their visions and helped new generation know this art.

He succeed what dreamed and became the moderator and coordinator on International Istanbul Mime Festival. He was the first, who enactment "improvisation pantomime" on the world, and worked so much improve that event (improvisation pantomime).

He is the craetor of some organizations,club and theatres such as "Yine mi tiyatro(theatre again?)", "Pantomim Club of Balıkesir University" , " Turkish Modern Mime Enstitue" , " International Istanbul Mime Festival ","Vedat Zar International Mime Academy", "World Mime Community"...

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    • Balıkesir University Mechanical Engineering