Vedette Colin

Orlando, Florida

First and for most I'm fucusing on my LORD and SAVIOR, next to that I'm Intelligent , Beauti "FULL" ;- ) , Loving, Nuturing. My main interest in life are: My kids (3) , My Immidiate Family and friends. Several years ago I gave my life over to God and desided to be a reborn agian Christian. And it has been the best thing I have done in my life !!! I went back to school. To study for GED/High School Diploma. So that I can focus on my career and passion for Business Management and Science Nurse. I'm just trying to do my best to always stay on top of my leadership and help taking care of people and getting things done as right as possible. Other then that I love to be honest no matter what !!! w/ myself and others at all times. My the other hand, my favourite hobbies are : dancing, writing, reading , theology , art , poetry , science , theam parks. Mostly anything that's free spirited and fun that will keep me healthy and happy is my key.

  • Work
    • Orlando Union Rescue Mission
  • Education
    • Nova High School