VEDIC Youth Club

Youth Club in Ahmedabad, India

VEDIC Youth Club

Youth Club in Ahmedabad, India

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In 2010 A Team Of Youth Mainly From Engineering Background Started The Vedic By Coming Together And Venturing Into Wisdom Literature With The Desire To Bring About The Positive Revolution In The Misguided life Of The Modern Youths. Since then VEDIC Has Taken A Good Shape In Many Universities in Ahmedabad.

You Can Be A Part Of Vedic Too. Ok But Why?

Vedic Since 2012 Has Led Many Seminars on Art Of Mind Control, Power Of Habits, Time Management, Life Style Management And Many More And Has Changed The Life’s Of Many Youths.

I can Practically Adopt to Make My Life A Success.It Has Re-Instated In Me The Human Qualities Which Seemed To Have Been Lost.I Shall Try To Be Ever Grateful To Vedic .
-Nipun Batra Software Associate,Royal Bank Of Scotland B.E. Computer Engineering

Training in Soft Skills

Training in soft skills like Public Speaking, Stress management, Leadership and Management by the application of the timeless wisdom in the modern scenario.

Bringing Out The Potential Within

Bringing out the potential in the individual like Concentration, Motivation, Self Confidence etc.

Balancing Life

Balancing personal vs professional life & Work vs Entertainment.

Personality Development

Blending The Character With Competence In Bringing About A Long Enduring Success.


Organizing Outing For Experiencing Closer Touch With The Nature And The Marvelous Gift Of The Supreme Divine.

Self Awareness And Senstivity

Dealing With Sensitivity And Self awareness In Thought, Words And Action.

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