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Vegas Reviews is all about FUN IN VEGAS -simple and sweet.

My personal blog, I write about my Vegas experiences, the fun, entertainment, foodie, tips, along with featured Vegas Photos.

My Vegas Lover Facebook Page is from the perspective of Canadians going to Las Vegas. The costs, tips and great resorts to stay at from my personal experiences since the 1980's.

I have a lot of American friends in Las Vegas and we get together every year.

We have a blast - good folks!

Every year I try something different and report back with my reviews. If it's a good review I'llwrite about it. If it's bad, I will say very little. After all, while in Vegas we just want to enjoy the FUN.

As far as what I do, I'm a freelance screenwriter and storyteller from Canada, working on a collection of screenplays with James Montana Scripts.

Enjoying the fun in Vegas since 1980's.

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What do YOU Love ?

That's what you should do in life. Enjoy life, Love Vegas.

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You'll sure to get the real deal, from an experienced Vegas tourist perspective.

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