Moshe Jonathan Gordon Radian

Fullstack GIS AI Engineer, Crowdsourcing Researcher, and Entrepreneur in Tel Aviv, Israel

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My Past

I was born on August 29th 1989 in Jerusalem, but spent most of my childhood abroad – where I completed 12th grade with an IB diploma). Upon returning to Israel, I server in the IDF for 6 years, working as head of an ICT team (awarded from the Chief of Staff for my work) & head of development teams in charge of widely used systems (several thousand users).

I have a minor in Entrepreneurship from the Technion and have taken courses in CS and maths. I have also expanded upon my formal education using advanced courses in various faculties in the Technion as well as independent online courses, in order to study various programming and research the (weakly defined) field of human computation.

During and after my studies at the Technion, I worked as a Software Engineer in Mellanox. In this role I developed MLNX-OS - Mellanox's C based operating system for switches. wrote Python libraries to orchestrate the switches for development and verification purposes and helped bring up the HDR era switches in Mellanox. I became a point of knowledge and an official code reviewer in both languages. I also developed and researched new ideas and opportunities in the fields of machine learning, blockchain and security, as well as complex integrations with different teams and technologies.

On March 2019 I left Mellanox to found a startup named Travience, and worked on it for 2.5 years as co-founder, CTO and full stack developer. Since the startup is still active and somewhat stealth, I'll leave it at that for now :).

My Present

These days, I have joined Albo Climate as a full stack, GIS and AI developer, helping to save the world (only half kidding :P ). Albo is a startup working to address climate change by opening the carbon credit market to fund more climate projects - using environmental science backed machine learning models to analyze satellite data in order to measure and monitor carbon sequestration in nature based projects faster, more precisely and at a larger scale, in order to help said projects and the communities involved and affected by them to get the funding they need to succeed.

Ask me if you want to know more :).

My Hobbies

I enjoy traveling, photography, music, video editing, gaming on my Switch, and coding. I also sing in a Jazz (+) ensemble called "Jazz Matters" once a week.

  • Work
    • Fullstack+GIS+AI, Albo Climate
  • Education
    • Independant Studies
    • Technion (Incomplete)