Velvet Exchange

Project Manager, Chef, and Student in Estonia

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Velvet.Exchange is a platform where you can trade crypto-assets & euros without limits: deposit, transfer and manage money how you wish!

Withdraw or deposit cryptocurrency in euro

The procedure is just a breezy one-step verification and confirmation- regardless of whether you are a company or a private trader.

Earn without trading

Save money by using the proven, efficient services on the platform.

No Worries

Leave it to us, we are just service providers. It means that the fiat money is kept in the bank- safely!

Increase Profit

View & compare trade pairs without ever leaving Velvet Exchange. All services, including legal advice available.


Transfer and receive money the same day

Private or corporate accounts, cryptocurrency or euro - doesn't’ matter. Same-day service available.

Quick verification

Register your account with Velvet.Exchange, verify it and make transfers in one day. Traders are verified in 30 minutes and companies in 2 hours on average.


Configured connectors with OTC suppliers and established relationships with miners allow us to aggregate liquidity for certain pairs- we will find what you are looking for!


Stay tuned- we publish our own analytical reports about trends, forecasts, and perspectives of cryptocurrencies on telegram, reddit and facebook.


A demo account on the stock exchange will allow you to practice before going into trading real cryptocurrency.