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Vernon Kesner

Front-End Architect, Consultant, and Web Developer in Charlotte, North Carolina

Vernon Kesner

Front-End Architect, Consultant, and Web Developer in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Over the past 14 years, I've continually grown in my industry. I'm currently Front-End Architect and have also managed Enterprise Development Teams. I've had the pleasure of being a Senior Trainer where I traveled and taught JavaScript and Front-End Strategy to large and small companies. I've also helped direct and guide client-side strategy, architecture, tooling and workflow for Fortune 500 Front-End and Sustain Enterprise Development Teams.

A few of my key accomplishments include:

· Key strategic thought leader behind the responsive design overhaul of, for Ally Financial. This included education on what responsive design is, development tasks in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, process guidance to understand new workflows and deliverables, and planning for how such a large project could be accomplished

· Expert trainer and mentor. Led as the Senior Trainer for appendTo developing core JavaScript curriculum and providing on-site 3-day intense hands-on training for companies - including leading multiple jQuery Virtual Workshops. I have also spoken at multiple conferences, such as jQuery San Diego, and led all-day Pre-Conference Workshops for Advanced JavaScript techniques.

· Key thought leader behind the content management and UI module workflow within the Enterprise Content Management System for Ally Financial. Creating separation between the content and UI module layer allowed teams to manage over an additional 500 tickets within the first year, and continue to see exponential gains.

More importantly, I'm a husband to the most amazing woman and father to three awesome "kids", living and working in and around Charlotte, NC.

Check out some of my code at or read some of the things I'm writing at You can also check out my slide decks if you like: