Vernon Vincent

voice acting in Springfield, Illinois

Vernon Vincent

voice acting in Springfield, Illinois

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A voice actor and technologist,Vernon's lifelong passion has been acting and performing, and life has reached the point where talent and skills have combined with maturity and professionalism to deliver an artist who is perfect for your project.

Vernon's voice is ideal for your TV or radio commerical, audio drama or book, interactive game, or corporate narration!

Demo samples can be found on my page, and includes performances from some of the following work:

4th Starveling Audio

Wing Commander: Defiant Few(Kritharg/Captain Trevor "Wizard" Gray)

Witch's Angel (Episode 2 - Insane Cultist)

So You Know and So You See (Ben)

Cascade Studios

Golden Age: The Teardrop Spear (Yoric - Episode 3)

Golden Age: Season Two (Walker - Episodes 1, 2, 10, 11, 12)

Reach me via my page, or click on the Contact Info link below. Additionally, text "vlv" to 50500 for my contact information