Vero Laville

CoderdojoHC2 in Paris, Ile-De-France, France

Vero Laville

CoderdojoHC2 in Paris, Ile-De-France, France

My landscape has always been the world... French native woman, my family roots are in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein. Some past family members might have even came from Spain, but my 2 French-Swiss-Spanish sons are definitely from this place!

The Digital era brings me new modern wings for travelling across the world and for meeting people who share their interests and expertises into multiple areas. From Economics to Business, from Sciences to Philosophy passing by Arts and Technology, I enjoy digging into a broad variety of themes for satisfying my curiosity and for understanding 'What will be next?'.

Starting my career in the Silicon Valley in 2000-2001, I have been profoundly marked by the energy, the innovation and the community spirit over there.

After occupying various international positions in Finance & Human Resources within the High-Tech & Telecommunication sectors and after supporting simultaneously the creation of a technology & innovative startup in Paris, I am taking an other step forward into my career as a Consultant.

Discovering the Salesforce innovative capacities during the Salesforce World Tour in Paris in 2014, I am definitely looking for opportunities for implementing their solutions (if possible but not limited to theirs).

My objective? Supporting the companies for increasing their Business.

My role? Implementing the best information system in order to facilitate the companies day-to-day life.

My competencies? HR, Finance, Accounting, High Tech and Telecommunications.

My mobility? International.

Why my preference for Salesforce? Because everything is possible with Salesforce!

But more personnally, I feel really in sync with the Salesforce environment. Despite the fact Salesforce expands the Californian energy, the innovation and the community spirit across the world, I am totally in line with their 1/1/1 philantropic model.

Giving back to the community is one of my family values. As Founder and Managing Director of CoderDojo HC2, I am getting addicted to initiate the children learning to code. Since September 2015, we run monthly volunteer-led coding sessions within the Salesforce building in Paris and thanks to the Salesforce employees volunteership.

The Digital World transformation has started. I am already part of it.

Call me if you want more details about me. I will be delighted to discuss with you.

  • Work
    • Laville Conseils & Consulting
  • Education
    • Dauphine University