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Hello viewers! My name is Veronica Krolikowski and I am the founder of My inspiration for came shortly after high school graduation, as I was beginning to seriously consider what vocation I was being led to in life.

All throughout high school and college, I strived for perfection in all that I did. Whether it was in work, relationships, academia, or my Catholic faith, I always sought to do my best in whatever situation I was placed in. Of course, this led to a constant self-induced pressure to succeed. I wouldn't allow any distractions to come in my way, and possibly mess up my future! I mean after all, I put in hours of time studying to graduate top of my high school and college class, with hopes of being a successful young professional. I deserved something out of all this hard work, right?

Well the answers to my questions eventually came to me, or should I say “are coming” to me. It was during this transition period from high school to college, however, that I truly began to ask myself, “Why?” Why was I driven to succeed? It wasn’t for attention. I didn't care about that. But, it was something more that was always encouraging me. Something bigger…

I truly believe God puts people in our lives for a reason. We may not realize it, but everyone with whom we come in contact with, serves a purpose. As for me, there are a few people that truly stand out from the rest. All have led me to a closer understanding of my faith… have helped me to realize the importance of serving God in everything that I do. Some have come into my life as blessings, and others as lessons, but all have helped me to forget about what I want and deserve to focusing on what God wants and deserves. It was in this transition period between high school and college that I truly began to seek His will instead of my own plans. Ever since, His grace has been manifesting in each and every day of my life, and is beginning to spill over into other’s lives: It is no longer about me. It’s about God working through me.

Each post I share incorporates the perfect ideal of having a healthy balance between work and pleasure, and is a blend of fun, faith, and simplicity. I hope that you enjoy and promote my blog to others!