Veronique Thomas, "Tiny-Mighty" Actress Artist Children Coach

Artist, Small Business Owner, and Teacher in France

Born in a little town in East of France, Veronique grows up as a fighting tomboy not even afraid, when as a child she had, on way back from church, to put down her bible on secure side to fight and to defend herself. She discovers acting with old Hollywood movies and admires fabulous actresses like Elizabeth Taylor, Shirley Temple...later Julia Roberts. She begins performing with dancing at garden school and still remembers her heart beating when she was climbing the stairs to the dancing stage. She begins theatre at school at age 13 against her parents will who thought acting was not a job, and she will keep on : classical, contemporary theatre, drama, comedy, stage assistant and writer. She also practices sports in competition such as rock-climbing and basketball in highschool team, then karate at university, some dancing and tap worshops when moving to Paris. She goes to University with a grant and affords also her studies with little jobs, and still doing theatre. She gets her diploma in Communication with distinction, goes to Paris where she finds her first agent, does some short movie, commercial, martial arts...Then she travels to Los Angeles and she improves her acting in English thanks to great coaches : Scott Sedita and John Sudol, also Academy of Theatrical Combat and combat choregrapher director Art Camacho. And she begins to write her Magic and Martial Arts Trilogy "Heartring" be continued !

  • Work
    • Actress, Writer and Director for"Heartring Trilogy
  • Education
    • Theatre France , Los Angeles