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Very cheap car insurance is not only real, it’s very much attainable. However, what would bring the price down for one driver might not work for another. If you want to discover the best strategies for reducing your premium, then read on because we are about to share with you some of the best methods that will help you get that more affordable car insurance you have been searching for.

Very Cheap Car Insurance – What you can’t control

1) Previous claims – If you don’t make any claims, then car insurers reward you with a no claims discount, which accumulates over time. This would typically bring down your premiums.
2) Your current age – If your a young driver, unfortunately, the sad fact is that you’re statically more likely to have an accident due to inexperience. This pushes up premiums resulting in not so low priced car insurance.
3) Your past driving record – If you have had any driving convictions or points added to your licence, you will be considered a higher risk for future insurance. This will have a negative impact on your premiums.

Very Cheap Motor Insurance – What you can control

1) The level of cover – You would normally get really affordable car insurance cover with third party only insurance. Your next cheapest would be third party, fire and theft; followed by fully comprehensive being the most expensive. However before you opt for this lower level of coverage in an effort to reduce your premium, it is worthwhile also to try to get a quote for comprehensive. Surprisingly, we have actually managed to get lower or the same premiums for fully comprehensive when compared to third party fire and theft during some of our tests.
2) Your car insurance access – Paying a higher access will push down your insurance in most circumstances and you usually have a compulsory access with most quotations. However you can opt to pay a voluntary access, which will drive your upfront costs down. The downside is that you will have more out of pocket money to pay if you should have to make a claim.
3) Car security systems – Most modern cars come with some form of factory-fitted alarm or immobilizer. However most of the very low priced car insurance companies will give you additional discounts for higher tech systems, such as Thatcham approved alarms or immob

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