Vespe Savikko

Independent Software Contractor in Tampere, Finland

I am an internationally experienced manager and well-versed software development professional. My people management style emphasizes open communication, fairness, teamwork and good-natured humour. My approach has yielded good results both in spirit and performance. While I do not shy away from responsibility for results, I know that my team/organisation deserves the credit for success.

From the technical perspective, I have been always interested in different technologies and every aspect of software development. As a project and R&D manager my approach has always been very hands-on and emphasizing best practises instead of rigid processes. I believe that the best results come from cohesive teams with freedom to be creative. And eventually big programs consist of these kind of small teams. The management challenge is to foster the freedom but still making sure that everyone is on the same page. In a way this parallels solid architectural design principles: large systems are built with small systems with well-managed dependencies and interfaces.

  • Work
    • Independent Consultant
  • Education
    • Tampere University of Technology