Vicki Patterson

Vicki Patterson graduated from New Jersey City University with a Bachelor of Arts, having focused her studies on biology and education for grades K through 12. In 2009, Vicki Patterson became a Manager at RiverPointe Farm, located in Bloomsbury, New Jersey. She is currently working to care for the variety of animals living there. Vicki Patterson is also involved with the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society (GVHS), a group in which members share the hobby and experience of owning gypsy horses.

Vicki Patterson’s everyday tasks involve caring for a variety of animals and helping to maintain the Farm’s kennel. She now cares for 11 sheep and horses, as well as 10 dogs. This entails numerous activities, including grooming and daily upkeep of the animals’ living facilities.

Vicki Patterson also works in the garden, cooks, and fulfills other duties at RiverPointe Farm. During her time there, she has established a successful breeding program, and she expects three gypsy mares to foal later in 2011. Presently, Patterson resides in Bloomsbury, New Jersey. An avid reader, she particularly enjoys the genre of mystery fiction, especially the works of Dan Brown.