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Vicki Wagner

Vicki Wagner is a Stand Up Comic, TV Talk Show Host and Author of "Get a Date Today, How To Market Yourself for Love." She spent the early part of her career working behind the scenes at television stations such as OCN and UPN (now the CW.) Vicki founded Vicki Wagner Productions in 1999 focusing on short films, documentaries and legal video depositions. In 2002 she tried her hand at stand up comedy and immediately began performing on stages around the country. She merged her onstage charisma with her television background and started her own web talk show, "Lesbian Knows Best" giving advice to straight people. Garnering around 700,000 online views, she took the task one step further and wrote a book on how people could market themselves to find love. Soon thereafter, Vicki began giving seminars to people looking for love and needing confidence. Vicki is a frequent contributing writer on promoting, branding, goal setting and humor. She is an expert on how to promote yourself, media training and comedy punch up. Vicki is a graduate of California State University, LA and has a BA in Political Science.