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Teacher, Consultant, and Writer in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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Vick said if they still wish to do it, then they return to you and sign an agreement and then you can pursue them and enrol them into business ...

(It) generally details here is the compensation plan, here's how everything is gunna work. Y' know the prospect has to sit on it for like three days, sleep on it, pray on it, whatever, ask their pet about it y' know, ask their other half about it, see if that's something they desire to do.

Vick Strizheus is quitting MLM.

Therefore I'm kinda forced to either move out and, although the business is not in the state, however physical existence, or simply type of forced to leave and just do something various.

If Empower Network is facing regulatory concerns in South Dakota or elsewhere, they have certainly yet to go public with it.

Reading between the lines, I believe the problem Strizheus is identifying is competition amongst affiliates to recruit brand-new affiliates (into the opportunity). Undoubtedly, due to recruitment competitors, any service that is marketing the opportunity (whether honestly or not) is going to slow down.

We do not want our earnings to depend on one particular system.

What if, god forbid, something happened to Empower Network? Exactly what if, god forbid, some type of firm chose to examine it?

Not because they did something wrong, not since the business is illegal or anything, however simply due to the fact that a regulatory firm chose "Hey, we wan na examine you"? What if, god forbid, when that happens to Empower, due to the fact that they are growing like insane fine?

Providing people a prospectus for three days, and then them choosing if they still wan na do it or not ... y' know, it's just not how I wan na do this?

It takes a great twenty minutes or so for Strizheus to get to the point, however the gist of his "idea", is essentially an all-in-one web marketing suite (merchant account, SMS marketing, e-mail autoresponder, capture pages, membership site platform, blog platform, lead generation and so on). Strizheus refers to it as an "all-in-one, complete marketing and automation system".

I truly dislike this but I live in a state, and we have actually been kind of going back and forth on this kind of things ever considering that 2010, actually. Basically there are a few states in the United States, and South Dakota being one of them, where if you're going to promote something that they consider to be a "company chance", t

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