Victor Greywolf

Writer, Artist, and Professional SOB in Lake Zurich, Illinois

Victor Greywolf

Writer, Artist, and Professional SOB in Lake Zurich, Illinois

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I am Victor Greywolf.

Have a lot of interests. I am sure we may have SOMETHING in common. Too many to list.

For now, you can call this place me "official" web site. I plan on trying to get one, once I can find someone to make it for me. :)

Released two new albums, two weeks apart. One comedy, and one holiday. I am so excited. :) Completed and had partially edited an animation film. More of a series of short animation subjects. Soon, to make a new pilot animation.

Been on here since I believe 2013 or 14, can't remember exactly, but what a ride it has been, and then some.

If interested in interviewing me, please contact me via the P.O. Box listed here:

Victor Greywolf

P.O. Box 2172

Palatine, IL 60078-2172, or you can contact me via the contact spot on here, whichever YOU prefer. If I don't mark YOUR mail as spam, I might read and respond....MAYBE. :)

Working on a new singing album. Planning to release them.

I am now on the chamber of commerce in Evanston, Wyoming, as well as listed on the film office in Travel Wyoming.

Have been on the NoH8 campaign for over three years as of May 9, 2014. What a ride. :)

If you want to hire me for a voice-over, I have a page on

Hope you like what you see. If not, please feel free to move on. P S.:



Enjoy. Have a great 2019 and beyond.






(An inspirational quote) He who doesn't experiment with life, doesn't live it.

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