Victor Greywolf

Writer, Musician, and pod caster in Lake Zurich, Illinois

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Hello, I am Victor Greywolf.

I am a basically take me as I am, don't like it, I don't know what to tell you type of guy. I am who I am. Accept it or not.

Have a lot of interests. I am sure we may have SOMETHING in common. Too many to list, but obvious ones are here.

I like working out, especially on my boxing bag, and I go to the gym 3-5 days a week, unless weather interferes. I also go to dances when I can.

I sometimes play guitar, and thanks to a store, desktop drums. I am interested in starting a band. Currently working on both a new album and a pod cast. Recorded 13 episodes so far. Looking for a page for them soon. I might take a class in guitar playing.

If interested in interviewing me, please contact me via the P.O. Box listed here:

Victor Greywolf

P.O. Box 2172

Palatine, IL 60078-2172

I also have a celeb wiki, everipedia and pushpage. Enjoy. Have a great 2017 and beyond


I know you aren't worth MY time, but I am definitely worth YOURS

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    • Harper College