Victor Hart

Victor Hart founded The Natural Language Institute in January 2003. He is passionate about languages. In January 2014, he began a language acquisition experiment, in which he endeavors to obtain oral comprehension of Mandarin exclusively by watching Chinese TV shows, cartoons, and movies.

In addition to language enthusiast, Victor is a tree farmer, a Brazilian civil servant, and Law student.

Victor was born in Goiás, in central Brazil, and lived his first two years on a farm. His Brazilian-American family moved to Pennsylvania when he was almost three years old, where he spent most of the subsequent 14 years. He spent a semester in seventh grade in a French school in Burundi and another semester back in Brazil, in eighth grade.

He went to Williams College in northwest Massachusetts, and spent a semester in Sevilla, Spain. Victor moved to Brazil after college, in 2000, to rebuild the family farm. Fourteen years later, he has planted deep roots in Brazil's Planalto (literally and figuratively), and despite many international work trips, is likely to stay here for a long time.