Victoria Vaughan

Reviews of Feynman at the Knitting Factory, NYC 2005

‘Game and compelling.’

- James Oestreich, The New York Times

‘(Vaughan) staged the piece amidst translucent screens, evocative lighting and both prerecorded and live video projections, making far better use of the Knitting Factory's meager stage than I would have imagined possible … it was rich, engrossing stuff.’

- Steve Smith of Time Out, New York


Reviews of Le Pouvoir de l’amour

‘The Grand finale was a delight.’

- Heidi Waleson, Wall Street Journal

‘Highly satisfying … an unequivocal blessing.’

- Bernard Holland, The New York Times


A stage production veteran, Victoria Vaughan has a repertory of over one hundred musicals, operettas and operas, ranging from early French court opera-ballets, to twentieth-century British opera, to contemporary American musical theater works. She has worked with acclaimed choreographers, designers and special-effects technicians to create exciting and innovative live performance pieces, and has a special interest in repertoire that addresses the practical needs of student performers and Young Artists.

A native Londoner, Victoria Vaughan has established herself as a leading producer of 21st century music-theatre, creating world premiere performances of Korczak’s Orphans, Hawaiian Tan Ratface, the acclaimed New York City production of Feynman, and most recently, the biting satirical musical comedy, NOVA.