Victoria Esposito

Consultant and Designer in Seattle, Washington

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In my toolbox of skills, there are a couple of tools that shine more than others. A plumber wrench for focusing on details and a wonderful shiny hammer to keep throwing myself into a problem until a solution is found. I am a generalist therefore, I naturally wear multiple hats, although I do enjoy wearing the same hat for a longer period of time when the situation allows. I worked for large corps for a long time and there was only one hat, I then co-founded two companies and I learned the value and sorcery of adaptation. So wearing multiple hats comes naturally to me.

I co-developed and published multiple patents from mechanical engineering to smart textiles, along with many other significant innovation.

My goal is to burst through the rain cloud and follow the rainbow until the pot of gold is found or a huge angel cake with strawberries on top!.

I am a native North Westerner although every year I wonder if I was born on the wrong side of the country as I seek sun like water in the desert. That is probably why the outdoors is my thing.

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