Free Standing Pullup Bars

This is a fantastic pull up bar, mounted flush to the joistin my basement workout area, solid, easy and well-padded to hang and assemblein about 10 minutes. Highly satisfied.

I like this free standing pull upbar. I had to go through a drywall ceiling into an attic where I wasable to bolt into a joist. This actually replaced a bar that was in a doorwaybut was no longer appropriate after a remodel.

the vertical supports are located such that the center gripsare too narrow for anything but chinups. It was a very sturdy product but thevertical pieces needed to be spaced about 8-10 inches farther apart.

It came with regular bolts, I used lag screws to mount it.Wouldn't expect them to change that because they have no idea what you aregoing to mount it to.

I had a 6" floor joist i was bolting them into, so ihad to purchase separate lag bolts/screws. The instructions were self straightand explanatory forward simple to follow. Shipped and received in a box thatwas just the right size for this product without any damage.

Over all a good bar, feels solid. I 'd recommend thisproduct

I did have to get longer bolts from Lowe's so it would gothrough my beam in the garage. Good product.

Sturdy, comes with all mounting screws to attach to ceilingjoist. The handles that stick out from the unit cover all the hand positionsyou would need. Better than several I've looked at that we're more expensive.

The heads of the bolts stick out and face you during use, soyour nose and chin are easily scraped during use. I plan on returning thisproduct.

One of the bolts would not thread for one of the handlesthat come out at a 90 degree angle so I can not use those handles. The baritself is good but I was pretty bumbed about not being able to use the neutralgrip handles.

Other than that, what can be said about a pull up bar? Itsgot inner grips for your biceps, and outter grips for your lats.

I love the padding and love the variety the pull up barallows. The handles allow and make a nice addition for working all parts of yourupper body.

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