Artist in Paso Robles, California


Artist in Paso Robles, California

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•Name: Victoria Elizabeth Pfeiffer

•Birthday: September 23, 1997

•Zodiac: "a fucking libra"


•Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff headgirl

•Camp Half Blood Cabin: Cabin 6 (Athena)

•Identity: genderfluid bisexual

•Relationship Status: been dating my best friend for 4 years (07.18.12)

💞brain stuff💞

•mentally ill (PTSD & BPD), survivor of years of child abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) and a physically and sexually abusive relationship which has left me deeply emotionally scarred.

•I age regress as a way to cope with these things, I'm also heavily against CGl (DDlg) especially since I got into that community at a young age while not knowing what age regression really was..



*Astrid Hofferson

*Luna Lovegood

^these three i see myself in 100% and it leads me into deep discomfort and panic when others refer to themselves as them ;;!!!!!

•I also relate heavily to Anna (frozen), April Ludgate, Mabel Pines, Seamus Finnigan, Hermione Granger, Nymphadora Tonks, Jade West, Star Butterfly, Cher Horowitz, Bubbles, Coraline Jones, Winnie Portley-Rind, Victoire Wealey, Annabeth Chase and Emma Bloom!

💞Social Media💞


•Main: @astridhofferson

•Diary: @hermioneweasley

•Aesthetic: @numbuh3

•NSFW: @seamusfinnigan


•Main: @pinkpunzie

•Second/Spam: @modern.luna

•Shop: @pinkcatbowtique

•Vent: @powerpuff.baby


•Main: thelost-witch

•Chire: sparklestickers


•Pinterest: pinkpunzie

•8tracks: dreamy-baby


•Movie: Juno, Clueless, Tangled, Princess and the Frog, Perks of Being a Wallflower, lilo and stitch, HTTYD, harry potter films

•Show: Parks & Rec, Rupauls Drag Race, Its Always Sunny, Bobs Burgers, Powerpuff Girls, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls

•Princesses: Rapunzel, Tiana, Anna

•Places: disneyland, universal, beaches and big cities

•Animals: cats, dogs, monkeys

•Artists: brittany lee, glen keane, claire keane and chris sanders

•Hobbies: crafting and cosplay and makeup

•Books: harry potter, a series of unfortunate events, miss peregrine trilogy, percy jackson