Victoria Liu

Victoria. Halfblood wizard from Ravenclaw House. Works as an auror at the Ministry of Magic in District 13. One Directioner at heart. I love Liam Payne(: Oh, and Logan Lerman. Because they're pretty hot. And Niall's ok because he's Irish. K, I'm done. I love making new friends and dancing in the moonlight. JK, that was Jessie J. Ummmm, I love to eat everything. Except people, because that's cannibalism. Yeah, I want to meet One Direction so badly but plane tickets to UK are expensive. And they're only coming to Eastern US which sucks. I'm pretty hyper and loud because I love people (unlike those emo clarinet players I sit next to in band). I get obssessive very easily and I love everyone. (Yes, even Justin Bieber). In fact, I love Justin Bieber. I just made that up right now. I love Minecraft, Starcraft, Pokemon, Runescape... JK, I don't even know what those are. (Actually, I know what Pokemon is.. Duh, I don't live under a hole.) I love Harry Potter and the Hunger Games super dee duper much. The only thing I hate in this world is Twitter because I don't know how to use it... Hehe. And it's a major stalker tool so... Oh yeah, people think I'm a stalker but I'm not. I like to observe people. I like classical music. Sometimes. I also like One Direction and that's it. Kbye.