Victoria Loren Miller

Artist, Photographer, and Art Director in San Francisco, CA

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Victoria Loren Miller is an accomplished visual artist.

Additionally she is a designer and creative director with 20 years of integrated brand marketing experience on projects ranging from corporate branding and package design to web strategy and interactive advertising. She has helped many brands carve their niche in the marketplace, and has created campaigns for the likes of CBS, Cisco, Nestlé, Disney, Mattel, Microsoft, J. Paul Getty Museum, Oracle, PBS Home Video, Restoration Hardware, Toyota, and Wells Fargo Bank.

Regarding her "Wherever I Go" series, the Nob Hill Gazette explains "Wherever she goes, there are Victoria’s feet. They’ve been included in a series she began in 1989, when she ‘looked to the ground and... saw my shoes and how the shapes and colors related to the constantly changing lines and textures of the ground.” From then on, a camera went everywhere she did, to capture “the unnoticed and spontaneous, and the constant, rapid motion of our daily lives. A split second in time that will never occur again in precisely the same way.” Much of Victoria's latest work is printed on brushed aluminum. The San Francisco Chronicle says "...Her abstract, blurry snapshots of figures moving down stairs or cars speeding through tunnels look mysterious and painterly when laser-printed on sheets of brushed aluminum. "The sheen of the metal adds a lustrous light quality..."

Victoria’s design work has earned, among others, a Clio, is included in the Smithsonian Institute’s Permanent Collection of Design, and has been published in many industry publications and annuals. She was on the board of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art Contemporaries, is a member of the AIGA and has lectured at UCLA as well as taught at FIDM.