Victoria Safae

New York, Ny Usa

Born and raised in New York, Victoria Ashlee Safae has always been in the spotlight. From a young age she starred in school plays and ran for different positions in school, making sure she was known. A persona on youtube, she didn't start updating her page weekly until late 2013, though the actual page was created in 2007. She also created accompanying Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages to keep followers up to date on everyday life. Normally a private person, after discovering in late 2013 that she was in fact pregnant, she decided to open her life up to the public to help inform sexually active adolescents in hopes of making sure others don't end up in the same situation she is in now. Now a single 18 year old, without any support, she is struggling to stay on her feet to provide a life for her and her future child. Currently Victoria is enrolled in college and living with her parents while saving up money to rent a apartment nearby. She asks you respect her decisions and is always willing to lend out advice to anyone struggling in life. You can see regular updates on her Twitter and Facebook page as well as weekly pregnancy updates on her Youtube Channel for more insight into her daily life.

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