Victoria Stacey

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Everyone has a story, what's yours?

I've come to realize that one of my greatest talents and passions is telling the stories of those who are passionate and believe in what they do. From blogging and curating stories at multiple positions throughout my undergraduate degree, to telling stories of passion through my magazine, Passion8. I've come to learn the value of storytelling and the impact it has on the audience it reaches, as well as those whose stories have been shared.

I am a creative Business & Communications student following my passions while encouraging others to do the same. I am currently the Editor-In-Chief of Passion8 Magazine, a digital magazine focused on pulling Young Professionals out of their daily routines, and pushing them into their passions.

I am looking to find my creative niche in a communications or marketing role upon graduation in April 2015. I am looking for a company that values their employees and sees them a valuable asset in their company's success. I am looking for a position that allows me to be creative and innovative, yet remains structured and feedback oriented. I am looking to expand on my writing, design and strategic thinking skills in a role that will allow for special projects and evolution.

In my spare time I run a blog at, as well as a clothing and accessories shop at I am available to you to create fashion designs, graphic designs, and social media strategies.

Currently, I am very interested in exposing myself more to Web and User Experience Design, as well as Branding Strategies and Design. In my spare time, I enjoy any artistic form of expression, including digital and traditional forms of painting, as well as drawing.

I'd love to connect with you if you see a place for a passionate and creative graduate in your company's future.

  • Work
    • University of Waterloo
  • Education
    • Nantyr Shores Secondary School
    • University of Waterloo