Victoriya Terekhova

Ventspils, Latvia

One, indeed, needs very little:
Look and find it in the end.
To begin with, one needs people:
just one foe and just one friend.

One, indeed, needs very little
Just a path to take one's leave,
and one's wish is very simple
He just wants his mom to live.

One, indeed, needs very little:
peace that follows stormy days.
Just some fog and stars that twinkle,
just one life and just one death.

One just needs a morning paper,
With mankind the kinship bonds.
Just one planet, love and favour,
Mother Earth! That's all one wants.

Plus an interstellar road and
dream of flying and high speed.
That's a trifle, not important,
That's not very much, indeed.

Not a big award and wholly
negligible podium.
One does not need much
if only he'd be waited for at home.