Victor Kwan

Student and Dancer in Suwanee, Georgia

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Breakin’ has always held its place in my heart as a significant part of my life. Starting in the fifth grade during my Walnut Grove Elementary School days in my hometown since birth, Suwanee, Georgia, I began to learn basic freezes and footwork movements as I blindly followed my big brother’s footsteps. I remember wanting to be as cool as my older brother as I watched him execute all these cool moves and unique movements never before seen to my inexperienced, amateur eyes. Unfortunately, my brother reached the end of his breakin’ career shortly after a year or two after him starting. Seeing my one inspiration quit was probably one of the most heart-breaking moments of my life, yet I am ever so grateful for my only brother, Kenneth, for introducing an entirely new and intriguing art form to me as a kid.

Enrolling at Creekland Middle School, I met new two new friends, Devon and Seay, who both helped me further advance my passion for my craft. Taking me under their wings into “2HYPECREW”, I would always go to “session” and train with them every week, progressively learning not only more moves, but also more about the humble culture of the entire art form of breakdancing as a whole.

For my high school years, I attended Collins Hill High School. These years were crucial for my growth in dancing as I started my journey into the real world of what we breakdancers call it, “the scene.” I made the effort to surround myself around people who offered the same enthusiasm and passion towards dancing as I started attending “bboy jams”. These competitions consisted of high-level dancers assembling not only from other states in America, but also even worldwide-traveling dancers as well, usually with high-rewarding prizes for the victorious dancer(s) which were usually cash prizes or trophies of some sort.

Currently, I am attending the University of Georgia with an intent of majoring in Health Promotion as a pre-medical route. Throughout my adolescent years, I have experienced, learned, and enjoyed lots about the culture of breakdancing, and will continue to work diligently towards my goals of achieving recognition in “the scene” as well as my future occupational goals of making a change in the world by working in the medical field.